Dont just take our word for it that our milk & cream is udderly moolicious.  Read some of our customers and stockists comments and feedback...

"we are so happy with the milk and cream.  The
difference it is making to our coffees and cream cakes
is unbelievable.  You are doing a great job. Our family cant get
enough of the milk at home either" Marchbank Bakers

“It is so totally delicious as we were told by others and the taste difference is quite obvious. fantastic product from a local farmer. so very glad to support roan's dairy”


“The most delicious milk we've ever tasted!!! Thank you”


“My kids refuse to drink anything else – has to be Roans Milk”


“I have made a trifle and the biggest jam cream sponge cake known to man with my fresh cream delivery for friends and family over the weekend. Wonderful taste and whipping to super thick happened in seconds that i can only presume is due to being so rich and fresh. good fresh healthy fresh milk and cream are as high in my diet as good meat and veg”


“Love the cream containers, can easily close the wee bottles when it's usually a peel back lid. Brilliant!”



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Over the phone - we can take card payments over the phone - just ring us on 01556 620 374

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